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As a leading medical aesthetics authority, speaker, lecturer and sought after guest speaker for China, Anna D. Rinehart continues to help shape the speciality of medical aesthetics for physicians, nurses and aestheticians. Nanking, China, Yibin, China and Shanghai, China have acheived more clinical skin care skills to address non-surgical , minimally invasive facial aesthetic procedures to enhance a womans natural beauty without pushing surgery. 

Rinehart has presented clinical skin care procedures, treatments and protocols for various hospitals based in Feindeng, Macaub, Shanghai, Guanzhou, Shenzhen, Yibin, Nanjing, Beijing and provinces extending into the northeast and southern China.

Medical Aesthetics FACEŽ Conference
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Medical Aesthetics FACE ® Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Education© Skin Care Associates of Central Texas,  Harker Heights, Texas :  Medical Aesthetics Skin Care Education for Physicians, Nurses and Aestheticians 1-888-769-3223.

 Evolution of Medical Aesthetics in the United States: First books written and conceptualized this evolving speciality was traced to Anna D. Rinehart. No medical organization can take the credit for this speciality evolving without creditting this single-minded skin care specailist for her creating 450 protocols that address facial aesthetics without use of medication. Rinehart is a respected pioneer and author of 3 books forging the skin care speciality beyond the facial and the scalpel. 

Medical Aesthetics history traces the journey of a aesthetician with a clear vision for developing a skin care speciality that bridges medicine and beauty without pushing products. 

Anna D. Rinehart, Skin Care Associates of Central Texas,  instructs the physicians, nurses and aestheticians how to develop a Medical Aesthetics office. She discussess, describes, demonstrates and provides a clinical mock for various skin care procedures for the physicians, nurses and aeshtetician. She  details the Evolution of Medical Aesthetics as a clinical speciality for all medical providers desiring to integrate facial aesthetics  in conjunction with addressing  aesthetic qualms with/without surgeryas a part of their office, hospital, cosmetic laser centers and skin health and wellness centers.

Did You Know? 

Anna D. Rinehart, CIDESCO Diplomat, Director of Medical Aesthetics FACE in Harker Heights, Texas was just selected to be a part of a 6 team of top qualified specialists to attend the Nanking , China Medical Conference in October 2014.  

2015 Medical Aesthetics training will be held in Yibin, China in conjunction with their physicians at the First Peoples Hospital, Medical Aesthetics Hospital in  China, the worlds second largest economy. They have vision, tencaity and comittment to evolving their best of the best in business, addressing the health system and the  largest aging population in the world . They are without question more evolved than the United States.China is a world with opportunity for those that seek to expand their business and prepare a new door of business that will be a win-win on both sides.

CIDESCO stands for Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie, and is, according to Anna D. Rinehart,  Licensed Skin Care  Instructor, "the world’s major international beauty therapy association.



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Medical Aesthetics FACE® 1:1  Apprenticeships for Licensed Aestheticians

Aestheticians have an opportunity to work directly with a Licensed Facial Aesthetics Instructor, CIDESCO Diplomat and Nurse-Aesthetician through the Clinical Skin Care Practice  at  Medical Aesthetics FACE®  offices in Harker Heights. Aestheticians will be given the didactics for each skill that is performed within the medical aesthetics program integrated in a health care environment. Each nurse or aesthetician can  have 1:1 client-patient care contact as well. Aestheticians have the unique ability to obtain the necessary clinical skin care skills to work more effectively among the medical environment.  These apprenticeships will provide the nurse or aesthetician a true clinical expereince that will secure their job opportunity with varied medical specialists. All medical aesthetics programs are designed to address what each licensed nurse-aesthetician needs to help physicians develop their own programs in hospitals or medical offices.

Call Anna D. Rinehart, Harker Heights, Texas 1-888-769-3223 

Aesthetics Skin Care Associates: 254-681-6328





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