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As a leading medical aesthetics authority, speaker, lecturer and sought after guest speaker for China, Anna D. Rinehart continues to help shape the speciality of medical aesthetics for physicians, nurses and aestheticians. Nanking, China, Yibin, China and Shanghai, China have acheived more clinical skin care skills to address non-surgical , minimally invasive facial aesthetic procedures to enhance a womans natural beauty without pushing surgery. 

Rinehart has presented clinical skin care procedures, treatments and protocols for various hospitals based in Feindeng, Macaub, Shanghai, Guanzhou, Shenzhen, Yibin, Nanjing, Beijing and provinces extending into the northeast and southern China.

Dermatology Skin Care Specialist

Medical Aesthetics History,

Medical Aesthetics was established as clinical skin care speciality through the hard work of aestheticians in the United States.  the specialization provides the health care system a multidisipline approach for providing  comprehensive , personalized and individualized skin care management that does not mimic nursing roles ( supportive roles to physicians ) nor does it in any way substitute for the practice of medicine. what it substantially offers for our society is a pleothra of services that are minimally invasive cosmetic skin care treatments for scars, acne and antiaging. 

Acaraya® Clinical Skin Care  products offers clients an opportunity to virtually witness their skin care changes without harsh medications that can become a backlash of harm for thier bodies. 

No nurse, no physician, no pharmaceutical company or equipment that has been created since the establishment of Medical Aesthetics, as a speciality , can claim the right to state that they created this body of information. Major pharmaceutical companies decieve the public by stating they are pioneers of this field.  The history, documentation and clinical practice of over 5000 procedures has established a evidence -based sound clinical approach to provide minimally invasive facial aesthetic procedures. 

Medical Aesthetics is now becoming the fastest growing speciality for physicians, nurses and aestheticians to integrate within a medical practice /health care sytem. But, take a close look and you will always find, one central theme in the evolution of medical aesthetics and that is cost-effective clinical skin care management beyond the beauty bars, medical spas and nursing trying to take credit of this field. 

The aesthetician has moved from the salon into a true medical skin care practice with an office that is able to both provide the client a option in their skin care tratments and aid as a supportive measure for the physician. The medical aesthetician is a combined background of nursing, aesthetics and medical perspectives for thier unique field. 

Anna D. Rinehart a licensed skin care specialist began her journey into her present role in teaching Medical-Facial  Aesthetics to doctors,nurses and aestheticians since 1987. She envisioned a Skin Care Practice that did not promote sell-sell concept but rather provided both non-invasive facial aesthetic services  and clinical skin care management that is generally integrated within a Medical Aesthetics Skin Health and Wellness Program. She envisioned an aestheticians role becoming  integrated within the health care system. While not absolutely clear of the path of how to get the aesthetician to become a respected and validated role, it was crystal clear  her Vision  would become a reality in her time.

The concept of a nurse-aesthetician, medical aesthetician or clinical nurse-aesthetician was just not taken well by the standardized nursing practice. The nurses felt that Medical Aesthetics was not a valid term that was accepted by the medical train therefore, it had no value. Dermatologists ( not all ) believed that all aestheticians performed feckless facials and overalldid not have anything to contribute to health care system.

The negative perceptions from doctors began to change when aestheticians started learning more business concepts and procedural skills . The aesthetician began gaining a clincial value to the physicians practice which wanted to offer the non-invasive facial aesthetic services but did not have the time to do it their self nor had a nurse that was trained. Aestheticians wanted to be elevated , respected, valued, appreciated and become connected with job opportunity as well as gain personal and professional growth. As long as the aesthetician stayed within the aesthetic circles.... professional growth was not going to be a part of the equation. Some Cosmetologists Schools/Instructors and per se leaders of the  Aesthetic Industry Platforms understood the pains of growth but needed to retain control by diminshing the aesthetician role since they were not true " Cosmetologists". The platforms for aestheticians began with a great Visionary Ron Renee. He created Aestheticians International Association. It became a platform for old ideas rather than real legends of vision. He foretold a story that still is unfolding itelf today.

In every level of professional groups ( physicians, nurses, cosmetologists) none thought the aesthetician had much value. An aesthetician has had to pull together skills, treatments, procedures and protocols from learning various integrated methods from literally self research, apprenticeships and attending medical  and facial aesthetic conference meetings.

Anna D. Rinehart having been a practicing nurse recognized the under value of nurse ( LPN/RN ). Having obtained her aesthetics license she was able to open her own business and experienced tremendous personal growth as well as financial security. Through these combined expereinces and educational twists of fate both in education and experience she has witnessed a greater interest from literally every medical speciality background attending her Medical Aesthetics Conferences.

Dermatology Skin Care Specialist Harker Heights Medical Aesthetics FACE Skin Care Associates  800 West Central Texas Expressway Suite 200, Medical Pavilion on campus of Seton Hospital. 

The Skin Care Specialist is a dually graduate of a nursing program ( LPN/RN ), Facial Aesthetics program ( Aesthetician ) , graduate of a Facial Aesthetics Instructor program ( Instructor ), Licensed CEU Provider , CIDESCO Diplomate, and Ambssador of the Aestheticians International Association.




The journey from a licensed nurse, aesthetician, facial aesthetics instructor, Cidesco Diplomat , business owner, product developer, contributing editor, teaching Medical Aesthetics programs in both a Hospital base and College CEU, CEO Acaraya® Skin Care Consulting Firm has become an integrated role has become synomous with one name... The Skin Care Specialist . She has literally created a path by which all nurses, aestheticians and physicians will have an easier road because of the road she has had to travel.

Doctors today can argrue what is Medical Aesthetics? Nurses want to become involved in Medical Aesthetics. Aestheticians want to become Medical Aestheticians because someone went before them and broke the silence.

Medical Aesthetics has a strong foundation and infrastruture that all physicians, nurses and clinical aestheticians can build a mutidisciplinary approach to  deliver competive, safe and therapeutic skin care management "Facial Aesthetics" that has a positive influence on society as a whole.

Master Aestheticians can now recieve more specialized comprehensive skin care  continuing education from Anna D. Rinehart in Killeen, Texas 1-888-769-3223.





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