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As a leading medical aesthetics authority, speaker, lecturer and sought after guest speaker for China, Anna D. Rinehart continues to help shape the speciality of medical aesthetics for physicians, nurses and aestheticians. Nanking, China, Yibin, China and Shanghai, China have acheived more clinical skin care skills to address non-surgical , minimally invasive facial aesthetic procedures to enhance a womans natural beauty without pushing surgery. 

Rinehart has presented clinical skin care procedures, treatments and protocols for various hospitals based in Feindeng, Macaub, Shanghai, Guanzhou, Shenzhen, Yibin, Nanjing, Beijing and provinces extending into the northeast and southern China.

Noninvasive Facial Aesthetics

Dermatology Aesthetics Program ; Skin Care Associates of Central Texas

Physicians and nurse-aestheticians seeking to complement their office with additive procedures that  could facilitate optimum outcomes for their patients could accomplish this by integrating a clinical skin care management program. The office would address the patients-clients-patron relationship within this clinical concept. There are multitude of services the Family Practice, Internal Medicine Phyisician, Ob-Gyn and other doctors ( MD, DO ) could address the  faical aesthetic needs of their patients and garner new potential clients outside the mainstream of the existing referral system.

A licensed Facial Aesthetics Instructor coupelled with a nursing background ( LPN/RN ), aesthetics license, Cidesco Certifiation and  business successes would be the right kind of a " Consultant" the physician could have to teach his/her staff " "How to Set up a Noninvasive Facial Aesthetics Practice".

Medical Aesthetics FACE Skin Care Associates Harker Heights, Texas performing comprehensive,personalized and individualized skin care treatments to enhance the facial aesthetic appearance of the skin as an overall integument of the body. Anna D. Rinehart , CIDESCO Diplomat, leading skin care authority in treatment planning throughout the UnitedStates. 1-888-769-3223 or  1-888-7MY- FACE

Dr. Paul Plez Tinsley Jr., MD and Anna D. Rinehart, Facial Aesthetics Instructor, Nurse-Aesthetician, CEU Provider created a concept for the continuity of facial aesthetics clinical management without pushing products first at the Mississippi Head and Neck FACIAL Plastic Surgeons Cosmetic Surgery Center in 1984. History has been made since then and now Medical Aesthetics FACE and Anna D. Rinehart has become synominous with skin care health.

ACARAYA Skin Care Dermatology Specialists are providing the community the most highly effective skin care system without pushing products, surgery, medications and encourages clients to take an active part in their skin care procedures.

Addressing the Needs of the Patient

When a patient enters the existing private doctors office he/she does so with an existing concern about his/her health. This scenario immediately makes this "individual" a possible patient of the doctors office. The patient states his/her concerns, makes an appointment and could be referred off to another medical specialist for unrelated aesthetics concerns/s that might have been verbalized. The patient pays the co-payment begrudgingly, at times ,because his/her needs may or  may not have been addressed as well as one would "privately" would have wanted  from that office..

The physician may be a Family Practice office and does not feel comfortable providing the " potential " returning patients a noninvasive facial aesthetics program for several reasons. Those reasons could possibly be as follows;

1) lack of properly trained staff 

 2) lack of understanding how to provide " noninvasive facial aesthetics"

3) does not feel  comfortable performing an indepth consult as it relates to facial aesthetics

4) does not have an existing treatment room to set the patient  for privatized management. 

 Lack of Properly Trained Staff

The physician responsible for the "patient care" could have their nurse-aesthetician or certified medical assistant trained to perform minor procedures to more advanced medical aesthetics procedure(s) to address the stated concerns as well as have a continuum of ongoing comprehensive, personalized individualized  facial aesthetics program. 

Lack of Understanding How to Provide the Noninvasive Facial Aesthetics Procedures

There are tremendous number of faical aesthetics skills that could be performed by the physician, nurse, nurse-aesthetician that would address the patietns needs without the physician feeling as though he/she does not know what should be done from day one for the patients entering this specialized program within his/her office.

Doctors lack of understanding how to implement these programs should not any longer be of a concern. If, the physician had a well proven, clinically oriented, and established skin care professional come to office or hospital and present the ideas and concepts behind this possible practice then that is what should be done.

Indepth  Facial Aesthetics Consult

The facial aesthetics consult can be performed by a physician, licensed skin care professional/nurse/aesthetician. This specialized nurse-aesthetician  working concertly with the physician could benefit the patient by delivering  a competive ongoing facial aesthetics program to address the initial concerns stated as well as identifiable aesthetic " qualms".   The consult should take approximately 20 minutes. A nurse-aesthetician would then write  a clinical skin care plan to provide various options for the potential "facial aesthetics client". The physician would also know every procedure that would be delivered to his/her patients.The physician would know the expected outcomes/rationales for every procedure/ validity of procedure/possible adverse reactions and how to manage complications should they arise.

A physicians office implementing this kind of program could still refer the patient on to a dermatologist, facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon as  medical judgement is rendered. On the other hand , the physician, nurse-aesthetician would  aggree on the skin care treatment planning as it relates to the skin care program and may not to refer the patient out to another  physicians office. Revenue  for out of pocket services is created by establishing this kind of program.

Existing Room

Doctors can designate one room 3 days a week to only providing Noninvasive Facial Aesthetics also known as NICA ( noninvasive cosmetic aesthetics ) .

The room could be dressed for specific skills that will be performed by the physician, nurse and aesthetician. Basic room cost are not tremendous costs to the physician concerned to take financial risks. The doctor should feel comfortable 99.9% of what the nurse-aesthetician performs does not have a possiblity of litagenous implications. If, the physicians makes sure the nurse-aesthetician has been properly trained preferably by a Licensed Facial Aesthetics Instructor and Cidesco Diplomate their is very little room for problems to arise.

A basic room setup could require other equipment such as Microdermabrasion/Lasers . This could be an additive as the physician feels he/ahe is headed in the right direction.


Common Concerns for Physicians Developing a Medical Aesthetics Spa

 Q: Can I have my nurse perform the procedures without hiring an aesthetician

Yes, the nurse can perform the facial aesthetics procedures without having an aesthetician.

Q: Then why add more costs to my overhead  and just have my nurse to do these procedures.

An aesthetician adds validity to any facial aesthetics program presented in a doctors program.

Q: What are my start up costs if I implemented within my existing practice?

Start up costs would be a minimal amount of 4,000.00-12,000.00 to 30, 000.00

More questions?

 Call Anna D. Rinehart, Skin Care Doctress® @ 1-888-769-3223



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