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As a leading medical aesthetics authority, speaker, lecturer and sought after guest speaker for China, Anna D. Rinehart continues to help shape the speciality of medical aesthetics for physicians, nurses and aestheticians. Nanking, China, Yibin, China and Shanghai, China have acheived more clinical skin care skills to address non-surgical , minimally invasive facial aesthetic procedures to enhance a womans natural beauty without pushing surgery. 

Rinehart has presented clinical skin care procedures, treatments and protocols for various hospitals based in Feindeng, Macaub, Shanghai, Guanzhou, Shenzhen, Yibin, Nanjing, Beijing and provinces extending into the northeast and southern China.

Medical Aesthetics Nursing

Medical Aesthetics Nurse Certication: Breast Cancer Post Surgical

Now nurses ( LPN, RN, BSN, NP ) can receive specialized medical aesthetics clinical skin care education post-graduate for Pre-Operative Breast Care and Post-Surgical Certification to reduce scars and address the nipple areola micropigmentation.

We will focus the post graduate CEU program to address the following;

Education  Summary of breast cancer postoperative medical aesthetics nursing measures to improve the quality of life after surgery. Breast cancer patients with preoperative and postoperative aesthetic skills provide positive psychological care, enhanced emotional stability and postoperative " sense of new beauty " to enhance personal life. Conclusions, Medical Aesthetics 3-D Nipple-Areola Clinical Process care is an important co-factor to ensure the success of the woman continuing a thriving, healthy and sense of well being after the chemotherapy and surgery. Anna D. Rinehart, CIDESCO Diplomat, Specialized Skin Care Specialist for Medical Aesthetics 2015.

Nurses of every level are seeking to position their credentials to become competive in performing  Medical Aesthetics procedures. Due to the lack of  Facial Aesthetics educational background and clinical skin care practice experience; it is not uncommon for nurses to believe that performing" Botox® and/or Lasers" is enough to prepare them for the role of Medical Aesthetics Nursing.

No matter how nurses work alongside their physician/surgeons program it is still necessary for the licensed provider to garner comprehensive facial aesthetics instruction and clinical skin care management skills. All nurses ( LPN,RN,NP,PA ) desiring to develop a medical aesthetics program need Facial Aesthetics Certification and Medical Aesthetics Structure.

Medical Aesthetics FACE® Conference 2015 in Harker Heights, Texas permits the LPN , RN , NP and PA to enter a competive "hands-on" working conference to obtain a broad spectrum of facial aesthetic skills and medical aesthetics procedures. Nurses of all levels are able to prepare their armenatarium with competive knowledge and skills that few have obtained.   The program begins with a comprehesive  Concepts and Practice of Medical Aesthetics/ Structure of Medical Aesthetics. The program provides the nurse much needed background on how Medical Aesthetics began developing in the United States and China. Each instructor presenting in this program has garnered tremendous experience to expound on the specific clinical skills needed to be successful in Medical Aesthetics.

Medical Aesthetics Nurses

Nurses should prepare their certifications for all aesthetics skills that would help them stay competive and advance with their doctors program.Nurses need to learn more business and marketing as well. Medical Aesthetics FACE® Conference, Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Education©, Austin, Texas will help every nurse to gain Clinical Skin Care Skills, Treatments, Procedures and Protocols for a competive Medical Aesthetics Program.

If , the nurse ( LPN/RN)  would learn, facial analysis, skin assessments, basic facial skills and advanced medical aesthetics procedures including iontophoresis, desincrustration,  clinical electrolysis, specialized masks treatments they would be better prepared for the changing environment that is taking place in the way doctors practice.

Never Underestimate the Power of Being First

It is not uncommon for nurses to want to strike out on their own. Some dream of utilizing their clinical skills and build something of their very own that does not always necessitate shift work, death and dying, sickness, and overall managed care. Nurses can integrate their keen sense of judgement , learn facial aesthetics skills and work on a more associative partnership with physicians. It is not easy. Nurses must be prepared for a different kind of instruction that emphasizes " customer relations".

In nursing , the nurse performs skillful tasks that are ordered by the physician with specific  expected outcomes. The physician provides the medical diagnosis and the nurse carries out " patient care". In Medical Aesthetics Nursing, nurses/nurse-aesthetcians will actively particiapate in identifying the Skin Care Diagnosis, perform a comprehensive consult and  co-participate the facial aesthetics procedures with the physician. You may say well, what is the difference between that role and the nursing role now? Good question! The nurse-aesthetician has the dual background, rather she is a LPN or RN and her aesthetics training to actually be able to use a great discernment of what the client-patient-customer needs for his/her facial qualms. Medical Aesthetics as a speciality, infrastructure, definition and vision was first created by an aesthetician. While physicians almost always take credit the work of a nurse or aesthetician, they cannot lead in what they niether created, studied or garnered medical aesthetics concepts and skills. 

Dermatologists have criticized Medical Aesthetics not because it is not a outstanding clinical program for physicians and nurses as well as aestheticians to offer as an interim of medical and aesthetic knowledge that requires advanced clinician expertise but rather because aestheticians have led the road and have built an protocol system that can clinically change the face of skin care. Medical Aestheticians are employed throughout the United States and have made inroads to beconing recognized as clinical skin care specialist and this creates a angst for dermatologists to always put us down as no more than selling thier products, med-spa packages and daily push for laser treatments, in many cases , not the best option for the client. Anna D. Rinehart, a bold entrepreneur and recognized for her leadership in Medical Aesthetics has just recently been chosen over all the aestheticians in the United States to speak at the Nanjing, China Medical Conference, presenting the Evolution of Medical Aesthetics in the United States. She is known as the aesthetician that created an inroad for a revolutionary pioneering of solid skin care practice for nurse-aestheticians.




Medical Aesthetics FACE® Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Education©

New Conference set for September 26-27, 2015 Austin, Texas

1-888-769-3223 or direct at 1-254-681-6328

Medical Aesthetics nurses can perform Facial Aesthetics skills that provides the patient-client-patron a program that enhances the end result of a doctors Medical Spa. No matter what the client  initailly entered the Medical Aesthetics Program for their skin concerns, the medical aesthetics nurse can intercede and provide a comprehensive clinical skin care program to address initial concern(s) and provide an ongoing program of specialized skills. Nurses overall in their present role of standard nursing do not generate revenue. Within the Medical Aesthetics Program staffed with physicians, nurses and clinical aestheticians, the nurse would be generating " out of pocket" revenue and be of a greater asset for the physician Medical Spa or Medical Aesthetics Skin and Wellness Center. The physician feels comfortable having a nurse, nurse-aesthetician and advanced nurse-aesthetics instructor to help move their program to a high level of non-invasive facial aesthetics procedures.





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