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As a leading medical aesthetics authority, speaker, lecturer and sought after guest speaker for China, Anna D. Rinehart continues to help shape the speciality of medical aesthetics for physicians, nurses and aestheticians. Nanking, China, Yibin, China and Shanghai, China have acheived more clinical skin care skills to address non-surgical , minimally invasive facial aesthetic procedures to enhance a womans natural beauty without pushing surgery. 

Rinehart has presented clinical skin care procedures, treatments and protocols for various hospitals based in Feindeng, Macaub, Shanghai, Guanzhou, Shenzhen, Yibin, Nanjing, Beijing and provinces extending into the northeast and southern China.

Medical Aesthetics Education

Medical Aesthetics Certification Harker Heights, Texas

Upcoming ,Harker Heights, Medical Aesthetics FACE® Apprenticeship for physicians, nurses and clinical aestheticians will be held in Harker Heights, Texas. Place:entral Texas College. Reservations may be made @ TBA.  Program begins on a Monday and ends on a Friday . Class begins at 8:00 am . Lunch 12:00-1:15pm and back until 5:30pm. Practicals are provided from 10:00am-6:30pm.  Cost of program is 2,850.00 for the 4 1/2 day program. Instruction is provided by  a nurse-aestheticians/ Facial Aesthetics Instructor. If, you register for the program and there is more than one from the same office then there is a discount for each  additional nurse/aesthetician or physician .  To obtain clinical electrology certification is an added cost of 450.00.

3-D Nipple Areola Post-Surgical Certification for Breast Cancer Survivors require 1 full day for dynamics and skills. This is a seperate training the Medical Aesthetics Certifciation. Cost is 950.00 and must be Paid in Full for this class. 

 We go to every measure to prepare a inviting, encouraging specialized class and require you to be prepared to work in full aesthetic dress/uniform.

  1. This a working " Hands-On" Workshop. It is classroom style teaching for best learning dynamics for the physician, nurse and clinical aesthetician.
  2. Every measure is taken into consideration for you learning more than you thought you knew before you signed up this program. There is no selling within this program. 
  3. Doctors can feel they were given tremendous information, skill transfer and all safety measures are presented.  Specialized class on Business will be added for physicians to understand new marketing  medica and facial aesthetic trends. 
  4. Nurses (LPN/RN) will find how to integrate their nursing background into a dynamic competive Medical Aesthetics Program.
  5. Aestheticians (Clinical Aestheticians) will be exposed to higher standards of " client-patron" delivery as it relates to both Facial Aesthetics Procedures and Medical Aesthetics Progrm.



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Medical Aesthetics FACE® Skin Care Associates Certification is set when you are ready to obtain the skills and knowledge to catapult you to a higher level of clinical practice. Newly redited Medical Aesthetics Books for updated information is prepared for Physicians, Nurses and Clinical Aestheticians is provided only within the upcoming course.

Medical Aestheticians are licensed professionals that have obtained a license in facial aesthetics, clinical skin care education certification, documented hours within a medical practice and have been instructed by a licensed aesthetics instructor for the state you are being trained. You do not need to be a nurse, but you do need to be an aesthetician.

  • Facial Assessments/ Facial Analysis   ( Facial Aesthetics and Clincal Perspectives )
  • Tattoo Reversal Techniques  ( Non-Laser and Clincial Perspectives ) 
  • Scar Reduction ( Minimally Invasive )
  • Chemical Peeling Procedures: Preop/Postop   ( Indepth Procedural Skills )
  • Medical Aesthetics Nursing ( Nurses LPN/RN/ NP )
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids  ( Lactic/ Glycolic )
  • Titration ( Understanding Perimeters )
  • Skin Station® Microdermabrasion   Techniques and Skills for Various Condtions
  • Combo Micropeels™ Nurse-Aesthetician Role
  • Iontophoresis ( Skills )
  • NR Jessners  (Theory, Demonstration)
  • Chemabrasion
  • Clinical Electrology  ( Introduction for Nurses and Aestheticians)
  • Modified Jessners
  • Dermaplane
  • Permanent Cosmetics ( Only discussed )
  • Tricholoracetic Acid ( Preset  /Preevaluated )
  • Business : Medical Aesthetics Marketing  Stop Marketing like all the Others
  • Medical Aesthetics Research  Basis for Physicians Integrating Medical Aesthetics
  • Cosmeceuticals: Positioning Clinical Skin Care Products for Efficacious Results

Doctors ,Nurses, Aestheticians Learning Objectives;

  • Discuss integumentary system as related to Noninvasive Cosmetic Aesthetics
  • Discuss the role of the nurse-aesthetician in "Doctors" Medical Aesthetics Spa/Skin Health and Wellness Centers
  • Identify safety issues, complications and precautions associated with chemical peels and microdermabrasion
  • Describe the Medical Aesthetician vs.Beauty Therapist
  • Describe indications and contraindications for various skin procedures
  • Demonstrate facial aesthetics procedures for physicians and nurses
  • Develop comprehensive consulting ( interaction of physicians and nurses )
  • Develop personalized, individualized clinical skin care plans
  • Discuss Cosmeceutical, OTC, Active ingredients
  • Identify safety measures for Sclerotherapy Techniques for Physicians/Nurses
  • Identify biological markers of aging
  • Identify proper injection sites for lip augmentation ( skills for physicians/nurses) Radiesse®
  • Identify Laser Safety codes
  • Describe proper techniques, patient safety, clinical application for each procedure discussed/described/demonstrated
  • Acaraya Skin Care Treatments and Protocols 2014 
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